Executive Coaching
& Leadership Development

ROX Strategy recognizes that people are the engine for profitability and cultural improvements. Our unique approach to leadership development integrates your key business metrics with the learning process to create an engaged, aligned organization at all levels.

Growth for Leaders to create cultures people want to be part of.

We utilize assessment tools to identify the areas of development that matter most. One-on-one and team coaching is performed by certified executive coaches who have real world leadership backgrounds that enable them to have strong business acumen and executive leadership experience, they have walked in your shoes.

Be a leader that inspires action.

High Potential/Succession Coaching

Position your organization for long-term growth by accelerating the development of leadership competencies in future C-Suite leaders and high-potential talent.

Assimilation Coaching

Integrate your expert knowledge and experience into your new role, and begin the process of engagement to create a culture that team members want to be part of.

Executive Coaching

Personalized approach to identify strengths (Keep Doing), and development areas (Do Differently). Utilize The Center for Creative Leadership 360 to identify and inform 1-2 developmental areas.

Executive Transition/Shift to New Career

Navigate effectively and smoothly through transition.

Executive Team Alignment

Learn processes to achieve a high degree of alignment within your team – commit to the same vision, strategy, and goals, while fulfilling agreed-upon roles.

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