Post-Merger Integration & Transformation

Unlock the full potential of a profoundly complex transaction. PMI is one of the most challenging initiatives that a senior executive will ever undertake. There is no magic formula for PMI but experience can help you capture optimal value.

A systematic approach to PMI that is proven to work

With our deep industry, business strategy and operating expertise, we help our clients to succeed throughout the post-merger process by combining value creation with the highest quality performance.

Ensuring successful integration across acquired companies

Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Partner with firm Leadership to perform both financial and operational due diligence on the viability of purchasing select assets.
  • Acquiring Company: Identify strategic targets for acquisition, secure funding to complete purchase and finalize the bid. Provide data necessary to review synergy scenarios.
  • Acquired Company: Make available leadership over functional areas for detailed due diligence, as well as provide any data needed for a clean room.
100 Day Plan
  • After LOI is complete, engage for final due diligence and develop 100-day plans for post-merger integration ensuring successful M&A after transaction is completed.
  • Acquiring Company: Provide Leadership to take part in workshops & execution of the 100-day plan for their respective areas. Provide support resources for people, process & technology.
  • Acquired Company: Retained leaders / new leaders work with Acquiring Company in working sessions to execute on 100-day plan.
Integration Management
  • Oversee the full Integration Management Office partnering with the acquired company to drive progress on key initiatives in order to realize business case benefits & set foundation.
  • Acquiring Company: Provide leadership over the Integration, including a weekly Steering Committee with C-Suite & Executives. Ongoing working groups for each functional area.
  • Acquired Company: Based on updated operating model, drive progress towards integration timelines & targets partnering with leadership.
Interim Leadership
  • Serve in Interim Leadership roles to drive operational & strategic impact. Realize EBIDTA savings targets & Identify growth levers for acquired company.
  • Acquiring Company: Host ongoing business reviews to ensure that the business is realizing intended goals and value is being fully unlocked.
  • Acquired Company: Retained leaders are responsible for business targets.

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